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What’s new?

What’s new?

From the latest news on your subject of study to guest posts and tips for online learning, get more out of your course by exploring our blog.

What is the project lifecycle?

A project lifecycle describes the stages a project needs to progress through. Find out more about this high-level framework for project managers.

What is Agile project management?

An Agile approach to project management benefits organisations and customers. Find out more about how it helps teams respond to change quickly.

What does a project manager do?

Find out more about the industries project managers are employed in and what skills are required to succeed in the role.

What can I do with a BA in Business Management?

Find out more about the opportunities available to business management graduates.

How to develop your career in an online world

In this blog, we look at how you can make the digital world work for your career.

Key benefits of virtual networking for online students

How to establish and build your network ‘virtually’ as an online learner with Cambridge Education Group (CEG)

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