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What’s new?

What’s new?

From the latest news on your subject of study to guest posts and tips for online learning, get more out of your course by exploring our blog.

What skills do business managers need?

Discover the most important skills managers need to succeed in the world of business.

What's it like to study online with Cambridge Education Group?

Find out what it's like to get your degree online with Cambridge Education Group in our interview with some of our academics and course advisers.

What industries do project managers work in?

Projects can come in all shapes and sizes. That means project managers can work for a vast range of organisations and industries. Learn more.

Why is ethics important in business management?

Business managers need to be aware of ethical issues and know how to manage businesses ethically. Learn more about the types of ethics in business.

What industries do business managers work in?

Any type of organisation may rely on business managers to manage and lead them. Find out more about areas that business managers can work in.

What is a business manager?

Business managers are key to organisations' business and financial goals and play a crucial role in businesses of any size. Find out more.

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