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What’s new?

What’s new?

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What skills make a good project manager?

Looking to pursue a career as a project manager? Find out how a master’s degree can help you gain key skills needed to succeed in project management. 

How can project management contribute to an organisation's success?

Find out more about how good project management saves organisations two of its most precious commodities – time and money.

What tools do I need to learn for a career in project management?

Project management tools help a company organise and manage their projects and tasks. But which tools does a project manager need? Find out more.

What role does a manager play in leading a business to success?

A proactive manager with leadership skills and good technical knowledge is the backbone of a company. Find out how they're key to performance levels.

What's the difference between a BA and BSc in business management?

Find out the difference between a BA and BSc in Business Management and which course may be more suited to your career goals.

Career benefits of a Business Management Masters

Explore how a business management degree gives you important management and leadership skills to realise your potential and make a meaningful impact.

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