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What is the project management triangle?

What is the project management triangle?

Discover how the project management triangle can help you achieve better results.

Project management requires project managers to effectively balance competing constraints to deliver a high-quality product or service that meets business goals on time and within budget. 

That’s where the project management triangle comes in – it helps project managers to balance the ‘triple constraint’ of project delivery: 

  • Scope 

  • Cost 

  • Time 

By utilising the project management triangle when delivering projects, project managers can visualise the trade-offs between these 3 constraints, and better understand that focussing more on 1 of these areas can lead to poorer results in the other 2 areas. 

How can the project management triangle be used by project managers? 

Essentially, the project management triangle helps project managers to consider the impacts of prioritising 1 of the 3 constraints over the others when delivering a project. 

For example, if a project manager prioritises time over cost and scope, they might deliver a project quickly and well ahead of deadline, but they may need to significantly increase their costs and cut corners in delivering the finished product to get it delivered fast. 

If a project manager prioritises cost over time and scope, they might finish up delivering their product under the project budget, but they may then have to compromise on the scope of the product and miss project deadlines, since they may employ fewer and/or cheaper resources to help deliver the project. 

Finally, if a project manager prioritises scope over cost and time, they may deliver a high-quality end product that meets or even exceeds expectations, however they may risk delaying the timely release of that product and going well over budget in order to do so. 

A project management triangle lets project managers visualise this problem of the ‘triple constraint’, so they can balance it more effectively to deliver a high-quality end product within project scope, deadlines and budget. 

How can an MSc in Project Management help you understand and use concepts like the project management triangle? 

Understanding the project management triangle and how to use it, as well as effectively balancing the ‘triple constraint’ of project management, are essential knowledge and skills project managers need to be able to master to succeed in their career. 

An MSc Project Management will equip you with the advanced knowledge and skills you need to acquire a strong grasp of these concepts, as well as other vital project management tools and techniques. 

Equipped with this diverse knowledge base, skillset and expertise in project management, you’ll be empowered to effectively lead teams to solve complex business problems and deliver world-class results for your organisation or potential employer. 

Discover how Cambridge Education Group's online MSc Project Management (validated by London South Bank University) can position you as a highly-skilled and in-demand project manager in today’s global job market:

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