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Leila Dale

Module Leader, MSc Project Management

Leila Dale

Leila started her career as a personal assistant and quickly progressed. She went on to work as a Human Resources Manager in two completely opposite settings: in a government organisation and later in a business organisation. With a passion for working with people, Leila loves finding solutions in challenging situations. Since moving to the UK in 2008 she has completed a Bachelors, Masters, PGCE and gained Higher Education Academy fellowship.  

Career highlights

Leading the re-certification of a hospital due to a change in legislation
Winning a Rebecca Love scholarship for her academic studies in the UK
Working as a business lecturer at The University of Hull

A little advice...

My advice is very simple – always be kind! As a project manager you will deal with a wide variety of people and it is important to master emotional intelligence. High emotional intelligence will take you far in life!

Leila Dale

Why are you passionate about Project Management?

Project management has changed over time due to globalisation and growing inter-connectedness. Now contemporary project management is facing additional issues such as cross-cultural communication.

In the past I have managed numerous projects in Latvia as part of my job as a Human Resources Manager. One project that stood out and involved lots of stakeholders, was leading the re-certification of a hospital due to a change in legislation.


In this specific project the solution to a problem was found by a cleaning operative after I decided to ask for her opinion. I learnt a valuable lesson – always listen and and give everyone a chance to express their ideas!  You never know where the solution might come from.

My work experience in a completely different cultural setting allows me to transfer my knowledge and embed cultural context when teaching project management students.  

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