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Leila Dale

Module Leader, BA(Hons) Business Management

Leila Dale

Leila started her career as a personal assistant and quickly progressed. She went on to work as a Human Resources Manager in two completely opposite settingsin a government organisation and later in a business organisation. With a passion for working with people, Leila loves finding solutions in challenging situations. Since moving to the UK in 2008 she has completed a Bachelors, Masters, PGCE and gained Higher Education Academy fellowship.  

Career highlights

Leading the re-certification of a hospital due to a change in legislation
Winning a Rebecca Love scholarship for her academic studies in the UK
Working as a business lecturer at The University of Hull

A little inspiration...

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything"

George Bernard Shaw

Why are you passionate about business management?

I truly believe that business management is in a process of change, especially with the recent events of the pandemic. It has changed the structure and organisation of the workplace in general.

More focus should be placed on modern management, meaning that managers should learn more in demand skills such as emotional intelligence, trust-based management and outcomes-based management. 

Traditional management theories still provide valid explanations, but now more than ever, managers are required to become modern leaders.

I have worked in a completely different cultural setting with a contrasting view about being an ‘ideal manager’. This allowed me to successfully reflect and evaluate myself when I progressed to a managerial position. 

I would say that this unique combination of an authoritative to fully laissez faire manager style allows me to transfer my experience and share it with our students - future business managers.  

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